We establish front and back-end processes that solidify the continuum of care and our staff Pulmonologist ensures we stay in front of clinical best-practices.

As a current Shared Savings Participant, we are focused on helping ACO’s achieve high marks on quality measures with a positive impact on shared savings.

We achieve industry-leading outcomes in the treatment of chronic diseases, including COPD, to help you live your life as fully and comfortably as possible.

Our mission is to educate, nurture, and inspire our patients to lead better lives.  We accomplish this through outcome-driven healthcare offerings that address a variety of chronic conditions including COPD.  Our multi-specialty boarded Chief Medical Officer’s primary focus is to ensure that our clinical protocols and pathways are leading edge and effective. In addition, our Respiratory Therapists are all are trained as COPD educators. As a result we have pioneered best practices in transitioning patients from the hospital to their long-term care setting.

We reduce overall healthcare costs for alternative payment models with a focus on patient satisfaction, ease of integration, and quality of care.  PHM  participates within ACO’s Shared Savings due to the outcomes we have contributed to ACO’s quality measures.  These include a 70% improvement over average COPD readmission rates and 48% greater treatment compliance for sleep apnea patients.

The healthcare industry is interested in many elements of blockchain technology, such as the immutability of data stored in a blockchain. Blockchain technology is projected to improve medical record administration and insurance claim processing, as well as speed up clinical and biomedical research and advance biomedical and healthcare data ledgers. Patients can connect to other hospitals and have their medical data collected automatically using blockchain technology, which can help with patient-centered interoperability. Medical record administration has been made possible by technological advancements such as blockchain, and medical bill payments have been performed in bitcoins using any available trading programme. Blockchain is a technology that underpins bitcoin to operate.Bitcoin is a digital money that is traded using blockchain technology. Go through the bitcoin profit test reviews to understand the special features of Bitcoin Profit.

 Our Portfolio Companies

Black Bear Medical Website

Black Bear Medical

Since 1988, Black Bear Medical has served Maine and the surrounding region with specialty mobility products and common home medical equipment products.

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Patient Home Monitoring Website

Patient Home Monitoring

Patient Home Monitoring offers patients on Coumadin the opportunity to perform their PT/INR testing at home.

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Care Medical Partners Website

Care Medical

For more than 26 years and with five locations, Care Medical has been providing medical equipment throughout Georgia and South Carolina.

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Home Sleep Delivered Partners Website

Home Sleep Delivered

Home Sleep Delivered offers reliable in-home testing for patients with sleep apnea.

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Legacy Oxygen Website

Legacy Oxygen

Legacy Oxygen provides home medical and respiratory equipment to patients throughout Kentucky and Tennessee.

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Patient Aids Website

Patient Aids

Patient Aids provides true one stop shopping for its patients' medical needs for the home.

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Resource Medical Group Website

Resource Medical Group

Resource Medical is a full-service home medical equipment supplier, offering top-quality, state-of-the-art medical products and equipment through four locations across South Carolina.

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VieMed Website


VieMed is a disease management company with a mission to educate, nurture, and inspire their patients to lead better lives.  

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West Home Health Care Website

West Home Health Care

West Home Health Care, located in Virginia, is a provider of medical supplies such as beds, wheelchairs and scooters.

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